ACDS students and teachers look for new and dynamic ways of communicating their ideas using video, audio, animation, graphics, and still photography. Fifth graders analyze the differences in ancient philosophies by producing image-filled comic books that tell the stories of how characters were treated under Laozi, Han Feizi, and Confucius. Sixth graders produce stop- motion “claymation” videos demonstrating mitosis. Eighth graders create interactive websites on Washington D.C. monuments, using creative photos to illustrate the personal significance of these sites. Our technology integrationists work closely with teachers and students to help develop these technology-enriched activities, and our students benefit from the myriad modes of expression to which they have access. 10 11 For his third grade state fair project, Ty chose Hawaii. Like students in countless schools, he thoroughly researched the state and prepared a poster board presentation to share with students and parents. But Ty also headed to our Innovation Lab, where he used our blue screen and video equipment to create a tourism video for the state of Hawaii. With some help from one of our technology integrationists, Ty’s video, along with videos created by his classmates for their states, was placed on an interactive United States map and became another tool for communicating his learning. We believe that the ability to communicate one’s ideas with clarity, creativity, and passion is one of the most important 21st century skills. By the time our students graduate, they have had a varied and intensive experience with numerous forms of communication, and when they go on to high school and beyond, this preparation distinguishes them from their peers. High school teachers and admissions officers frequently comment on how poised and articulate our students are and how capable they are as communicators. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATOR