20 21 To thunderous applause, Timothy and his castmates take their curtain call after a performance of The Little Prince. His hard work in drama class and after-school rehearsals showed in his fantastic portrayal of the title character. As a fifth grader, Timothy took advantage of every opportunity in the arts and athletics, joining the basketball team, and performing a rousing xylophone solo during the fifth & sixth grade band concert. Timothy All students, K–8, receive regular instruction in P.E., music, drama, and art. Lower School students have twice-daily “specials” classes that rotate among art, music, drama, P.E., library, and Spanish. In Middle School, students study either art, music, or drama four days per week for an entire trimester. Fifth and sixth graders perform in the band the trimester they take music and have the opportunity to be a member of the cast of the fifth and sixth grade play. In grades seven and eight, students may perform in a play, in a musical, and with the seventh and eighth grade band. Middle School students have P.E. class four times per week and are invited to participate in our interscholastic athletic program. Fifth through eighth graders can participate in soccer, basketball, softball, and Ultimate Frisbee. Cross country, swimming, and tennis are open to students in grades four to eight. Our no- cut policy promotes physical fitness through participation, and student-athletes gain experience in leadership and sportsmanship. P.E. AND ATHLETICS P.E. (K–8th) Soccer (5th–8th) Basketball (5th–8th) Softball (5th–8th) Ultimate Frisbee (5th–8th) Cross Country (4th–8th) Swimming (4th–8th) Tennis (4th–8th) THE ARTS Art (K-8th) Music (K-8th) Drama (K-8th) BALANCED